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Getting your first credit card is a big step, that's not as easy as you'd think. Here are some tips on how and where to get your very first credit card. What is a secured credit card? Where can I get one? Bankrate answers the most common questions about secured credit cards. Credit card options may be limited for those with little or no credit history. Consider talking with a representative at your personal bank first to find out what credit options they offer, suggests Linda Leitz, a certified financial planner based in Colorado Springs, Colo. You probably know that applying for credit can lower your credit scores. But can getting approved for a credit card help your credit score? Jochen KrauseWant to stop getting credit card offers in the mail? You can opt out.Would you like to stop companies from selling your financial information fo... Getting started again with on-time payments is a sound way to rebuild your credit scores after a financial disaster. - MSN Money credit-cards tips and articles Sob stories count If you know you have a major blemish on your credit report, such as a loan default, you might increase your odds of getting a card by explaining the reasons for your financial difficulties. If you have bad credit, getting a credit card is difficult, but not always impossible. Is Having a Credit Card a Good Idea? Before you try to get a new credit card, be honest about whether you will use it wisely. Credit Card - Credit cards are a form of revolving loan by where the cardholder can access a line of credit to make purchases, cash advances, or balance transfers. The real challenge is getting a valid credit card number which passes the test so that's what we focused on. Getting a CareCredit healthcare credit card is fast & easy. Just fill out the 1-page CareCredit application and you'll get an instant approval decision right away. Please read our Credit Card Account Agreement before you call. You may be able to get away with having no credit history if you're getting an FHA loan (vs. a conventional loan), but still, it never hurts to have credit. You want at least two items on your credit report: two credit cards, or a credit card and a bank loan (like a car loan). How do I get a credit card? For some consumers, the answer to this question is fairly obvious. After all, credit card offers are all around us. We get them in the mail. We see them online in the form of banner ads. Before shopping for a credit card, decide whether you'll to carry a balance or pay off your charges every month. If you never carry a balance, consider a rewards card. If you do, try instead to get a lower interest rate. I'm also getting close to the $300 annual cap on my Dividend card this year, so I need another card anyways to fill that gap. This is because Citi actually just issues you a credit directly to the card equal to your purchase amount. If your bill is due at an inconvenient time of the month--for example, if it's due on the 10th and you get paid on the 15th--contact your credit card company to see if they will change your billing cycle to fit your cash flow. Steps for Getting a Credit Card. International students may also get credit cards. It is recommended, for emergencies purposes, that everyone have a credit card, especially international students. Home » Personal Finance » Credit Cards » How to Avoid Getting Your Credit Card Canceled. I have a credit card I use regularly (and pay off regularly!!) and the only reason I got the Amazon card, was to save $30 on what I was buying at the time. Getting the most from your card. Your credit card can be a safe and convenient payment method to make transactions abroad. Our credit cards are widely accepted at millions of overseas retailers and ATMs, so your money is easily accessible. Getting a Credit Card in Greece. Athens News. Consumer credit (pistotiki karta) in Greece has been completely transformed in the last decade as credit cards have come into wide-spread use. Getting a credit card is much like getting your first car, you can't wait to use it and show it off to your friends. It can be pretty cool to get a credit card, but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. When you are young, the prospects of getting a credit card that will allow you to spend a thousand or more dollars might seem quite tempting. Hence, try to avoid getting into the mess of first applying and then closing the credit card. This means if you used to get credit cards fairly easily, you may now struggle. Yet whether you get given new credit isn't a simple calculation based on how much you earn. If it is, consider getting a special 'poor credit' card. Freeze! You can improve your chances of getting approved for a credit card by applying to cards that are suited for your credit score. Here we explain what kinds of credit scores are needed to get popular credit cards today. Please help me be a responsible adult—namely, how do I get a goddamn credit card without any credit? I have a steady job and a growing savings account, but I missed the credit-card-getting part of being a student. Your credit score is key to getting the best credit card deals, but if you're just starting out or your credit report isn't so shiny, you might need a secured credit card Only pay an annual fee if you're getting more value from a credit card than the amount it costs to maintain it. Will I use those rewards? If you have a poor credit rating because of a bad credit history, this can keep you from getting things you want, like an apartment or an insurance policy. So as soon as you receive, sign, and use that credit card for the first time, your responsibilities have started. What's more, the person getting an unsolicited credit card could approach the Banking Ombudsman who would decide on the amount of compensation payable by the issuing bank to the one who receives such cards. In fact, when you go through a credit card debt consolidation company, they will do everything to get your bills brought down to only one payment while having the credit card companies eliminate all different types of fees. Debit cards and credit cards are probably the most convenient way to carry money without having to carry any money. But carrying a credit card is like getting a small loan - when you use a credit card, the bank fronts funds to consumer credit (a loan). CUTTING CREDIT LINES Credit card companies are reviewing accounts for debt-to-income ratio, and lowering credit lines. The new laws don't take effect until February 2010, so the banks are getting in all the rate increases they can. Foreigners generally find it difficult to get a credit card as they are thought to be a credit risk as short-term residents. See here for one resident's story on just how difficult it was when applying for a credit card with a nationwide bank. Getting A Credit Card. Credit Access and Use Equal Rights. Before you accept, shop around to get the best deal. Credit card terms vary among issuers. When shopping for a credit card, think about how you plan to use it.
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